Saturday, January 30, 2016

These Boots That Do The Talkin'

by Michael Hofferber. Copyright © 1997. All rights reserved.

I found myself leaning back in my chair today, feet propped up on the desk, and staring absently out the window. My sentences had turned short and brittle. I was feeling taller, tougher, angrier. I wanted to get out of town. And I felt like spittin'.

Then I realized it was my boots. Cowboy boots, that is.

I wear several types of shoes. They lie in a jumble beneath a coat tree in the kitchen. Each to its own place and season, this footwear is more than just leather and canvas. Powers of persuasion are sewn up in these soles.

Take the sneakers, for instance. Snug. Comfortable. Contoured for play and relaxation. Folks who wear sneakers often smile for no reason and wish strangers good day. It's hard to get mad at someone if you're wearing these shoes. No wars were ever started in sneakers.

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